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Organize Your Beach Bag, Stat!

WomandBeachBag_400Whether you spend your days at the beach, local pool, or lake, packing the right beach bag is essential. Try the tips below to make your days by the water a little easier.

Beach bags should be large and lightweight. Even when you travel light, you’ll need a least a few towels and T-shirts. Avoid any unnecessary hardware on the bag that could weigh it down.


Use brightly colored cosmetic bags for smaller items that you want to keep dry such as such as your money, phone, keys, lip gloss, Band-Aids, hair ties, and medications.


Carry only what you truly need. Bags get heavy, so eliminate what’s unnecessary. You might want one sunblock for your face and one for your body, but you don’t need any more than that. You may want to leave your wallet at home and just bring cash, identification, and a credit card.

Let your children carry some of the load. Even young children can tote water toys, a shovel and pail, and blow-up rafts. This stuff shouldn’t be in your beach bag.

Keep essentials stocked and loaded. Leave the sunblock and lip balm packed in the beach bag, so you can be ready for a day at the beach in minutes.

Polyvore_SwimSetPlastic bags come in handy. Use one for dry clothes, one for sunblock (in case it drips), and keep a few empty ones for wet bathing suits. They’re also great for keeping your book, magazine, or Kindle dry!

Baby powder isn’t just for babies. It’s the best way to rub sand off your body before traveling home.

Photos courtesy of Fossil, Polyvore, and allisajacobs


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