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New Age Thinking for Modern Life

nature_400Spiritual awareness should be hard-to-find in our stressful modern world. Technology and sleep deprivation should encourage cynicism, not internal growth. But in fact, the opposite is true: There are more outlets and opportunities for connection today than ever before. From The Soul Searcher’s Handbook: The Modern Girl’s Guide To The New Age World .

So here we are. Meditation and chakras and past-life regression, oh my! Mix all that in with a healthy (or not-so-healthy) dose of cynicism, sleep deprivation, stress, and the countless other elements of the daily grind most of us are constantly dealing with, and you’ve got the perfect recipe, not for spiritual success, but rather disenchantment. Sure, some of us squeeze in a half hour of yoga before bed and read our horoscopes over our morning coffee, but these days, when it comes to seeking out what makes our souls truly complete, most of us raise our shoulders and sigh, “Huh?”

Believing in a way of life but not actually living that life is an all-too-common affliction these days. Like many things in modern society, our lives have become possession rich but time poor, and the demand for instant knowledge, communication, and results is higher than ever before, including when it comes to spirituality. We seek instant answers, expertise, and results, but what many of us do not realize is that spirituality is more accessible than it’s ever been—we’ve just been wandering around with sunglasses on in the dark while looking for it.

Modern-day spirituality is increasingly branching off from organized religion and has become more and more accessible on a personal level. Despite the many barriers to spiritual enlightenment the world throws at us every day, our technology-obsessed culture actually enables our spiritual growth far more than we give it credit for. While some still search for a higher self or creator in a chapel, synagogue, mosque, or temple, many find what they seek by looking inward—through quiet reflection in meditation or yoga, by educating themselves about spiritual practices across history and cultures. Some find it in online communities or through books, films, or even apps on their smartphones. There are now more ways to watch, read, download, and share spiritual wisdom across multiple platforms than ever before. The age of tailored, individual spiritual enlightenment has truly arrived.

Still, there’s the burden of choice to contend with: the more choices one has (cars, gadgets, where to go to dinner—we all know how this goes), the harder it can be to move forward. But if we can harness the many paths stretching out before us without becoming overwhelmed—considering it a spiritual sampler, as it were—we can ride the wave of higher consciousness one Soul Searcher at a time.

Through technological advancements that so often seem to keep us farther apart, our ability to connect with wisdom, to get and gift guidance, to collectively hurt and heal, teach and learn—both instantly and collectively, across states, countries, and oceans—will only be amplified. What used to only be taught from guru to acolyte, teacher to student, is now universally accessible. Perhaps most importantly, we are at a unique place in history where we have the opportunity to take this wealth of knowledge and incorporate it into our daily lives in ways that work for us.


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