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Map Out Your Summer Vacation with These 8 Travel Reads

Summer OFFICIALLY begins on June 21st, which means you should start planning your vacay getaway. There’s so many different and creative trips you can plan with your friends, family, or both!

Summer vacations are something you should be looking forward to, BUT they also require some planning if you’re trying to get your money’s worth while you’re at whatever paradise your heart desires. You’re going to want to figure out what beaches, museums, restaurants, etc. are the best and you’re DEFINITELY going to want to preplan your outfits for the trip.

You can book a vacation to Disney, the Bahamas, plan a backpacking trip to Europe, fly to Tokyo, cruise to an island, or even drive in an RV across the country. Your options for summer fun are endless. So, map out your summer vacation with these 8 travel reads.


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