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Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Our subconscious usually has insight into our true feelings, emotions, and instincts. We all have that inner guide that tells us how we truly feel when making choices in life. David Dillard-Wright, author of THE BOUNDLESS LIFE CHALLENGE, explains how you should let your conscience be your guide. 

To get in touch with this guide, we have to cultivate interior silence, clearing away all of the mental clutter that makes it hard to hear the inward guidance. Here are two simple ways to do that:

  • Take things slowly. Try to avoid frantic and impulsive behavior.
  • Ask, “Is this what I really want?” or “What is the very best thing that I could be doing at this point in time?”

It’s not that we are bad people or that we don’t want to live according to our ideals; it’s just that we sometimes settle for less than the best. We don’t want the sort of direction that the inner guide offers. And yet, if we would learn to listen, the little nudges we receive are not all that difficult to hear. So often, the good choice is not much harder than the mediocre choice. This inner voice, the voice of the heart, is not a cruel taskmaster; it gently but steadily guides us toward our true selves.

We can consult the inner guide at any point and for any reason: for choosing which outfit to wear, for discerning how to spend the next paycheck, for deciding which friends are good influences. In order to receive guidance, we first must realize that it does not come from somewhere outside. The nature of the inner guide is not different from the nature of our true selves. In truth, we are already one with the deepest parts of ourselves. There is no work to be done. There is no Olympian height to climb. Calm and quiet are most necessary. Ramakrishna used the example of a fishpond. If you jump around acting all crazy, the mud on the bottom of the pond will be stirred, and it will become impossible to see through the water. But if you take very careful steps, the water will remain clear, and it will be possible to see the plants and the fish in the pond. The inner guide is kind of shy and reclusive; it will not appear when it is not welcome, and it will not appear in a very cloudy and cluttered mind. Once we have the inner calm, the guide becomes accessible and will be present all the time. The inner guide is absolutely steady and reliable, but it is very subtle. We have to want to receive its guidance and value its input. Have you ever been in a situation where things just didn’t feel right? Maybe you went to a party and things just felt off, or you went to a job interview and didn’t feel good about the meeting. Maybe you went on a date and it went fine, but things just didn’t click. Sometimes a situation can look good on the surface, and you can’t point to anything objectively wrong about it, but you still aren’t sure. This can be a sign that the inner guide is trying to speak.

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Excerpted from The Boundless Life Challenge by David Dillard-WrightCopyright © 2018 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by George Kedenburg III on Unsplash.


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