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June Is Audiobook Month, and Stephen King Is Happy about That

headphones audiobook monthThis month is not only the start of true summer fun, but a great time to get your favorite summer reads on the go. It’s Audiobook Month, and it’s time to change up your reading routine. Driving to your beach house or sitting on a slow-moving bus? Pop in an audiobook. Sitting by the pool waiting for someone to finish grilling your lunch? That handsome devil purring the dialogue to your romance tome might help you pass the time.

The Audio Publishers Association (APA) has launched A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes, a public awareness video campaign to highlight the advantages of audiobooks and help newbies learn why they should try out the format, which is booming in popularity. The campaign continues through the summer.

Check out these videos from bestselling authors Tyler Oakley (Binge), Stephen King (End of Watch), Whoopi Goldberg (If Someone Says “You Complete Me,” Run!), crushing on what audiobooks mean to them. As King notes, “Audiobooks are important because they come from the oldest tradition of narrative, which is oral storytelling.

“I tell people the difference between a book that you read and a book that you listen to is like the difference between monophonic sound and surround stereo.”

Need recommendations? Try this list of 13 Spectacular Audiobooks You’ll Enjoy This Summer.


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