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Instagram: Finding the Perfect Caption for Your Success

The journey to success is a very self-rewarding process. However, the influence of social media only allows you to see the final product of your accomplishment, as opposed to how you actually managed to get to that point. Carl Lentz, author of OWN THE MOMENT, shares his feelings on Instagram and finding the perfect caption for your success. 

I like social media The benefits and the connectivity and the ability to stay up to date with people, events, and causes far outweigh the minor annoyances of the occasional troll or negative news you may come across. I particularly like Instagram, because I am a visual learner: I like writing and reading captions that help give context to images that matter to people.

One of the challenges of Instagram, though, is that sometimes we can see a photo or an image and have no idea what led to that photo or image. The road navigated, the story behind it, the factors that were in play, perhaps even the ninety-seven filters not chosen to cast just that right amount of color on a dark corner. To a degree, it’s not that big a deal. Unless people get enamored with almost a “mythical” destination that does not really exist. You see somebody post a photo of a car? Oh, I want that car. Perhaps you don’t see the bike they rode for years in less fortunate times. You see a post of somebody leading a meeting of high-level staff in a business setting with the hashtag “#corporateceolife” and think, I want to be a boss too. Yet you don’t see all the coffee runs they made when they were a lowly assistant.

In my world as a pastor this issue is prevalent because, whether people admit it or not, you see what other people are doing and it can create unhealthy comparisons and frustrations that are unneeded. If you’re a pastor and you follow somebody who is seemingly preaching to thousands of people all the time, and every service looks like it’s packed beyond capacity, you can go back to your world and struggle with your actual reality. The problem is that nobody just shows up at these successful photo moments. And furthermore, very few people actually Instagram their bad days. I have yet to see a pastor’s Instagram photo with the caption: “Here I am. Looks like 80 percent of the people I lead decided not to show.”

Maybe if they did, that would actually help the cause. When we choose to take ownership of what we can do in this life and stay faithful and passionate about it day in and day out, it absolutely will at some point link to another moment. And then another. And then another. And then someday you find yourself in a position of strength or growth, and people will start asking, “When was your big break? What was ‘the moment’?” You will be able to explain to them that you actually don’t know when your big moment was, because you had just been faithfully building what was in front of you and then looked up one day and didn’t even realize all the ground you had covered.

I love “big break” stories. And they do make for incredible movies. But when I study my heroes and even look at my own journey? I realize that what somebody is “known for” almost pales in comparison to what they did to actually get there.

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Excerpted from OWN THE MOMENT by Carl Lentz. Copyright © 2018 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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