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How to Surrender to Your Promises (and Your True Destiny)

Life by the CupBy making and keeping promises, the delight of the Divine is mine. Resistance is the gatekeeper of our divine purpose. The promises we are driven to keep, despite the resistance we meet, get us closer to our life’s mission, our destiny. At the time, I didn’t know the significance of why I was so heavily driven to keep a promise made so lightly. I had spent most of my life wondering what I was doing on earth, confused. My spirit must have known that this promise would illuminate a truth just one breadcrumb shy of the ultimate reason I existed. From Life by the Cup.

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When you make a promise and then find yourself motivated to keep it, you are on track to learn your whole, big, and awesome purpose. Your desire to fulfill a promise is like God talking to you. There is a sense of urgency to fulfilling these spirit promises. Look for those you are driven to make good on, then follow the steps right to the center of them. Spirit promises transcend changing circumstances to uphold our higher truth.

Look back through your life for the promises you have been motivated to keep. Each one you have fulfilled holds within it a clue to your purpose on earth. Every clue you need is right before you; surrendering to your promises allows your purpose to spring forth and illuminate your path.

Exercise: Promise Power

1. Make a list of five to ten promises you have made and have been highly motivated to keep.

2. Look for three or more promises in life that meant the world for you to keep.

3. For each of those three, answer these questions: How did you feel when you fulfilled it? What did you discover about yourself through the act of fulfilling it?

4. Now answer these questions: What is similar about each promise? What is similar about how you felt when you fulfilled each one?

5. Pick a word from the similarities you see in your kept promises. Perhaps it’s to inspire, enjoy, heal, nurture, or be happy. Whatever it is will give you a very big clue to your purpose, your destiny.

Finally, you come to the place where your soul asks to be heard. By reflecting on the promises you hold dear, your mission can make itself known and thus your love can take flight. When you surrender to your mission, allowing it to guide your relationships—in business, love, and all of life—everything starts to make sense. Your purpose is hidden in plain sight, in the promises you keep.

When you are aligned with your purpose, driven by it, you might be potentially harder to handle for some, but the right people will be drawn to you. When you are aligned with your heart’s mission, you are given gifts, support, love, and tools to achieve the tasks at hand. It’s then up to you to accept the gifts, releasing your fears to the fires that will diminish them—allowing for love to come to you, burning away the doubts, filling you with the ability to serve.

“Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.”
—John Lennon


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