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How to Practice Forgiveness

The practice of forgiveness is important in order to move forward. We must remember that through our journeys of life, we have to show love and compassion, even when it seems difficult. Derek Rydall, author of THE ABUNDANCE PROJECT, shares why we must forgives as there’s “only One Life and One Power, and its nature is love.”

There are many ways to practice forgiveness and on many levels. To begin, identify the person you are forgiving—remembering that to withhold your forgiveness doesn’t hurt them, it hurts you—and try these processes:

  • Write a letter to them (for your eyes only), specifically forgiving them for every grievance you hold. For example, “I forgive you for lying to me. I forgive you for making me feel unworthy. I forgive you for criticizing me all the time . . . ” It doesn’t matter if your assessment of the situation is true; all that matters is that you willingly offer up forgiveness. You can do this multiple times, until you start to feel a release and a diminishment of negative energy around the person. You can also do this for self-forgiveness.
  • Consciously desire the very best for them, and affirm that they have everything they could ever need. This is called “loving and praying for your enemies.” Imagine them having the life of their dreams, being happy, whole, and free; want for them everything you want for yourself. If this brings up resistance, just notice it, send it love, and keep practicing. At some point, you will actually start enjoying the feeling of wanting the best for them. That’s when you know you’re making real progress!
  • Secretly send them something. A gift. A love letter. Some money. Find a way to support them or add value to their life. This is considered an advanced practice. When you truly desire the best for this person and want to serve them in some way—when you love this person unconditionally—you have completed the process of forgiveness and have activated a whole new level of abundance in your life.

Look at forgiveness is a new way.


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