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How to Make an Autumn Wreath

How to make a Thanksgiving autumn wreath with tips from Homemade author Carol Endler SterbenzTake advantage of fresh seasonal berries and fruits to create a terrific wreath to greet Thanksgiving guests; then extend it to the holidays by adding a shimmer to the fruit. From Homemade by Carol Endler Sterbenz.

Although plastic fruit and berries have enjoyed a less-than-enthusiastic following, there are some kinds that are so realistic, it is difficult to distinguish them from their fresh counterparts. Here, an exuberant mix of berries, cones, fruit, and silk foliage make a wreath that resonates with the abundance of a fall harvest. When buying plastic fruit, choose pieces made of styrene, which is easily embedded with wire should you need to add stems. For added sparkle around the holidays, coat the fruit in a layer of reflective beads.

VIDEO: Carol Endler Sterbenz demonstrates how to make a homemade wreath

Materials and Tools
Wire wreath base, 8″ (20.3 cm) in diameter
Plastic fruit
20 sprigs with pea-sized berries
20 sprigs with olive-sized berries
8 cherries
4 miniature apples
4 miniature oranges
4 sprigs grapes
8 miniature pears
4 miniature pomegranates
6 strawberries
8 pinecones, dried

14 sprays assorted silk leaves
Paddle wire, medium-gauge
Floral wire, 18-gauge
Floral tape, in green
Wire cutters

Step 1
Add false stems to the pinecones and pomegranates. Use the paddle wire to make false stems on the pinecones and the pomegranates; set them aside.

Step 2
Create false stems for plastic fruits, as needed. Use a ruler and wire cutters to measure and cut 6″ (15.2 cm) lengths of floral wire for the false stems. Add a false stem to any plastic fruit that needs a stem.

Step 3
Make 14 mixed bouquets. Lay out the decorative items (except the pinecones and pomegranates) on your work surface. Select one spray of foliage, two sprigs of berries, and two fruits, combining items with strong contrasts in color and shape. Bind the stems of the bouquet with wire and wrap with floral tape. Repeat to make 14 assorted bouquets.

Step 4
Bind the bouquets to the base. Anchor the end of the paddle wire to the wreath base. Bind the bouquets onto the wreath, continuing around the wreath until the frame is concealed. Secure the wire and cut it free.

Step 5
Attach the pinecones and pomegranates. Wire the pinecones and pomegranates to the wreath, distributing them evenly. Use any remaining pieces of fruit or foliage to fill in any bare spots.


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