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How to Make a Centerpiece for Your Holiday Table

How to decorate your holiday table with this PVC pipe peppermint centerpiece from Big Ass Book of Crafts author Mark MontanoBy Mark Montano
Author of The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2

Truth be told, I’m not the best at holiday decorating. Hear me out. I would prefer that colorful lights and glittery ornaments be around all year instead of just at Christmas time. This way, when the pressure of the holidays comes around, I’m not scrambling to make things in red and green!

It’s hard to create under pressure. This year I gave myself a break and reworked one of the projects from my book for holiday centerpieces. These are PVC pipe Peppermint Stick Centerpieces, and I think they’re sweet!

PVC pipe in sizes and lengths that you like
Krylon White Primer
Blue painter’s tape
Krylon Fusion in red and green
Red ribbon

1. Cut the PVC pipe to lengths you like. I chose 18″, 12″ and 8″ using a 2″ diameter pipe.

2. Sand off the printing on the pipe and then wipe off with a damp rag

3. Paint with Krylon White Primer and let dry.

4. Tape 2 stripes of blue tape at an angle from one end to the other tucking in the tape at each end and making sure that the tape is fully adhered to the pipe.

5. Paint the pipe again with the Krylon white primer so that the white seeps in to the sides of the tape and gives you a clean stripe! If you think the tape is on properly, go for it!

6. Paint your pipe red or green and let dry. Start with light coats and let dry for 10 minutes in between coats. I like 3 coats for this project.

7. When dry, carefully remove the tape and let dry for a few hours before you tie them together with red ribbon.

More Craft Ideas: Get this project and 150 more in The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2, and for more from Mark Montano, follow him on Twitter and like him on Facebook, or visit his Etsy shop.


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