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How to Do Nothing at Work

vacationEveryone should celebrate more “me time.” Take that well deserved coffee break or shut off your email notifications once you leave the office. Relax your body, reflect and keep an open mind. Rachel Jonat, author of THE JOY OF DOING NOTHING shares the three levels of doing nothing at work.

Fifteen minutes with your eyes closed in the middle of your workday is rejuvenating, joyful, and intentional. That time to yourself, with no distractions, an open mind, and a relaxed body, is a well-deserved part of your day.

Understanding how to do nothing at work is easy when you compare it to procrastination. Both are breaks from work—but the end results show you what a big difference there is between the two. Doing nothing leads to more productivity, more happiness, and more energy.

You also can’t embrace your procrastination activities as you would a do-nothing activity because, well, you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re not working from your coworkers and the boss. You’re surreptitiously scrolling through your phone that you’re hiding under your desk, panicked someone is going to see you. Or you’re spending a few too many minutes in the lunch room flipping through a newspaper, knowing that a supervisor could be looking at the clock and noting that you’re not back on shift yet. On the other hand, doing nothing is taking the time to restart your brain and take a brief but deeply restful break.

Want to implement doing nothing into your work life right away? Here are three levels of doing nothing at work:

• Light: Simply take your morning coffee break silently and without any distractions. Learn to savor and enjoy the restorative power of doing nothing once every day
• Medium: Use doing nothing to leave work at work. End your workday with a break to do nothing and let any thoughts of your job go before you head home.
• Deep: Work less. Turn down overtime shifts, set boundaries for your workload and say no to going after that promotion. Let doing nothing center you on your values and what brings you the most fulfillment.

When you get home, practice yoga for cleansing.


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