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How to Create a Sacred Space

Almost as important as the mantra itself, is the space in which the mantra is practiced. Make an effort to try out a few different areas to see what is most conducive to your personal growth. Bedroom, office, kitchen, wherever you feel most comfortable dedicating your time and energy, can be transformed into a effective scared space. From Mantras Made Easy.

Having a sacred space helps you commit to and develop the ritual of a mantra practice. You may select a special chair that looks out a window, or perhaps you might go somewhere outdoors where you can relax. Your sacred space doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can be fun and creative. Some people like to put together a small altar (or shelf) in their home and place sacred items on it, such as spiritual statues, candles, crystals, chimes, incense, or pictures.

My altar sits next to a chair in my office, and on it I have a display of crystals and special rocks I found at the beach. When it is nice outside, I often bring my mantra practice out to my back deck, where I can chant and watch the birds eat from the birdfeeder. You can also use a meditation cushion or a prayer bench, if it feels right to you.


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