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How To Accomplish More in a Day

vacationDo you ever get to the end of the day and feel like you were completely unproductive? You ran to meetings, answered emails, fought fires and yet, you still feel like nothing of importance was completed. Todd Davis, author of GET BETTER, shares how setting goals throughout the day will help you become more productive.




  • Set goals that matter. Reflect on what’s important to you at the deepest and most meaningful levels. Be specific. This process is how a GPS works—we need to identify a destination first to calculate which roads will get us there most directly. The more exact the address, the better the chance we’ll arrive. Goals that matter are those that are typically centered on strengthening relationships, planning for the future, and personal improvement.
  • Choose your weekly priorities carefully. Rather than just a to-do list, think about which activities will have the greatest impact on your relationships and the outcomes you care most about. Consider which actions would build trust, make work easier for people, help you be more patient in your dealings with others, or create value for your customers. Try thinking about your weekly calendar as rows of empty containers, each limited by a finite amount of space (i.e., time). People who suffer from the pinball syndrome kid themselves into believing they can fit everything in—all the numerous small and urgent tasks along with the fewer, more valuable and important ones. We tend to focus on the quick wins first, shoving as many urgent tasks into our limited containers as we can. And although the containers are full, they’re not often filled with meaningful accomplishments. But here’s the problem: Once these limited spaces fill up with urgencies, the important things naturally fall by the wayside.

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