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How Gemstones Can Increase Concentration and Build Focus

Gems_ChakraEnergy_400Energy from crystals and gemstones has long attracted humans seeking healing and new sources of power. In our multi-tasking world, we need more objects and ideas to ground us. Crystals and gems combine intuition with science to form a path to peace and spirituality. I suggest holding specific stones to increase concentration in my book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook: The Modern Girl’s Guide To The New Age World.

I do not think I know anyone who does not struggle with concentration these days. Oh, sorry, what? What were we talking about… oh, yeah… When our attention’s being tugged in every direction—like those dog walkers I’ve seen in Central Park attached to a zillion yammering pooches—is it any wonder that we can’t ever seem to focus? To support concentration, get your hands on a simple quartz, which provides mental clarity and focus, or carnelian, which clears and reins in the wandering mind.

Amber is thought to stimulate memory, and lapis lazuli is a powerful amplifier of thoughts to help boost creativity. Like amethyst, lapis lazuli (sometimes just called lapis) can settle the mind when you’re struggling with a headache and also promote mental clarity, helping you visualize and focus on realistic goals. This is a great stone for meditation, too, believed to soothe the nervous system and aid in neural transmission.

Fluorite is an excellent aid for focusing on and recalling facts when studying, as it is believed to balance the functioning of the brain hemispheres. Deep blue stones such as sodalite can aid in communication and pave the way for understanding difficult concepts and ideas.


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