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Hollywood Hottie Helen Mirren Wins Best Body Title at 66

Hottest Hollywood body: Dame Helen Mirren author of In the FrameAge is just a number. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You’re only as fit as you feel. But for screen and stage siren Dame Helen Mirren, her recent “Body of the Year” title is a mighty big middle finger to an industry that is more likely to celebrate twentysomething Botox injections than sexy sexagenarians.

The acclaimed actress–who’s bared her buxom bod in a bathtub filled with bubbles, in a red bikini in Italy, and a series of roles such as Love Ranch and Calendar Girls–has blown away her competition in a recent poll from gym chain LA Fitness. Garnering 18 percent of the 2,000 votes, Mirren beat out second place winner, Elle “The Body” MacPherson, as well as Jennifer Lopez (both in their 40s)–AND bootylicious fellow Brit Pippa Middleton, who managed a measly 4 percent of the vote despite a Facebook page devoted to her derriere.

Mirren, whose 2008 scrapbook In the Frame highlights that gorgeous bod in a series of personal and artistic images, has been blessed with great genetics, but also has said she loves her Wii Fit. Sorry, Helen, but we believe there has to be an unaccounted-for overtime in Pilates to attain those abs.

“It’s great to see the public celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes, and proving that you really can look fabulous over 40 and 50,” LA Fitness marketing director Tony Orme told The Hollywood Reporter.

“You really have to learn to trust your instinct and go with it,” Mirren advises in this interview with Simon & Schuster. “And sometimes your instinct leads you up the garden path and it’s a mistake. But at least it’s your mistake.”

The only mistake we can see is not learning from Helen’s good example. LA Fitness, any plans for a “Body by Helen” sculpting class? We’re all yours for the next 30 years.


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