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Holiday Beauty Tips for Looking Radiant This Season

How to apply holiday party makeup and take care of winter skin and find party hairstyles to look great this holiday seasonBy Deborah Goldstein
The most social time of year is, naturally, when you want to look your best. These beauty tips and techniques are sure to help you dazzle.

It all starts here. Winter skin is often dry, dull, and flakey, so diligently moisturize and exfoliate—and not just your face. Hair and makeup artist Eva Scrivo, author of Eva Scrivo on Beauty: The Tools, the Techniques, and Insider Knowledge Every Woman Needs to Be Her Most Beautiful, Confident Self, recommends dry brushing the entire body once a week to achieve soft, glowing skin. Self-conscious about lines and wrinkles? Try preventative measures such as plumping, hydrating, and protecting your skin with special products. And don’t forget to sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles!

You’ll want to dial up the intensity of your makeup, but be sure to balance your look—if you’re rocking a classic red lip, keep your eye makeup simple.Or, pair dramatic eyes with understated lips.Haven’t mastered the smoky eye yet? Consult one of these online tutorials by makeup maestro Lauren Luke. Brighten pale winter complexions with blush. And try one of this year’s winter makeup trends: gold eye shadow or liner, super-shiny or vampy (dark) lips, thick brows.

Bright, glittery nails are a fun, inexpensive way to feel festive. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann recently introduced holiday shades to her nail polish collection that make an impact, but if you need a look to take you from day to night, consider merely adding a shimmery topcoat to your usual polish.

For a holiday party, try the “Galaxy Nails” look that’s gaining popularity—it’s easy to do (just make sure you have several hues, preferably in the purple-black spectrum) and your sparkly nails will intrigue all night long.

The basic rule for holiday hair is simple: Try something new. If you normally wear your hair down, rock an updo. If you typically pull it back, away from your face, wear it down. Those with straight hair could go wavy, and vice versa. These 31 styles recommended by top hair experts will see you through the entire season’s events.

Be strategic when scheduling a color refresh. If your hair grows quickly, roots can reappear in as little as three weeks, so visit the salon (or D.I.Y. it at home) mere days before your first holiday party.

Getting a professional blowout? Make it stretch by using small amounts of product (a few drops of smoothing serum for smoothness and heat protection) and avoiding water in all forms, advises Scrivo in her book:

Moisture is the mortal enemy of a blowout. The faintest hint of dampness (from humidity, steam, water, or perspiration) can instantly create frizz and make the baby hairs around your face and the nape of your neck curl. Do your best to be conscientious, if not paranoid, about avoiding water if you want your blowout to last. First of all, be sure your hair is absolutely bone dry after blow-drying it. When trying to preserve a blowout, it is wise to skip showers in favor of warm (not hot) baths. Steam is a sneakier form of water and will make its way under your shower cap. If you are just not a bath person, wear a terry-cloth headband to cover your hairline under the shower cap. Immediately blot any moisture from the hair after bathing. (Washing your face without getting water on the hairline can be tricky. Prepare your hair beforehand by pulling it back off your face into a ponytail and using a headband over the hairline.)

If a little bit of moisture touches your hair when you are bathing or washing your face, or from perspiration, touch up the blowout in those spots only. Dampen the section and blow-dry it with a brush or just use your fingers, pulling the hair away from the head to smooth the hairline.

Finally, don’t forget to whiten your teeth. An attractive, bright smile completes any look, any time of year.


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