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Good Jeans: What Every Woman Wants

Fall Fashion: How to find good jeans perfect for your body type with shopping tips from Amy GoodmanBy Deborah Goldstein
The September fashion magazines have arrived, marking the unofficial kick-off of fall shopping. At the top of most women’s shopping lists is the perfect pair of jeans. A pair that’s chic, the right price, and uber-flattering.

But these days, competing with an already saturated market of traditional brands and styles, we now have gimmicks such as jeggings (don’t get us started), the new Jogg-Jeans by Diesel, meant to look and feel like denim sweatpants, which seem even more absurd than the now-defunct denim diapers for babies.

Needless to say, the quest for perfect jeans is a complicated one. Where to begin? Style expert Amy E. Goodman offers this sage jean-shopping advice in her book, Wear This, Toss That! Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget & Save You Time.

“Enter your measurements and style preferences at, and find jean options across brands that best match your body. Experts suggest looking for jeans with at least 2 percent stretch.”

Your own virtual stylist? Genius. Goodman also suggests these denim must-haves, to help further narrow your search:
Fitted, boot-cut jeans in a dark denim wash that nicely frames your booty and legs, paired with high heels
Trouser denim pants, perfect for a casual or artistic workplace environment
Skinny jeans for under fuller sweaters and blousy tops
Cropped denim for warmer months
Jeggings (jean leggings)

So yes, for the record: It’s OK to embrace jeggings. Who knew?

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