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Golden Globes 2015: Great Books behind the Movies

TheoryEverything_Still_400The Golden Globes,  held on Jan. 11, are not only the most entertaining of Hollywood awards, but also excellent prep for the far more serious Oscars. If you want to be up on the stories that inspired many of the nominated films, these books are essential reading.

Among the real-life memoirs now lighting up the screen are those of science geniuses Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking (also leading to a Battle of the Brits in the Globes Best Actor, Drama category), a pivotal moment in the Civil Rights movement, and a harrowing hike one woman undertook as a way to reclaim her life. If you didn’t read Gone Girl before seeing the film, well, it’s too late to un-know the mystery’s twist, but you can enjoy the way it plays out on the page. You can also enjoy more strange creatures from the creator of The Boxtrolls and kitchen capers in The Hundred Foot Journey.

The Theory of Everything courtesy Focus Features


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