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Your Fix: Spring Cleaning Made Easy

cleaningBedroom closets so full that you’re pretty sure you couldn’t squeeze even one new blouse onto the rack? Living room getting a little too cluttered with…stuff for your liking? Kitchen pantry in need of serious purging? We have all been there before, especially after a long winter. When you weigh doing additional housework against sitting in front of a cozy fire, the fire wins. Hands-down. It’s just a fact. Yet as the days get longer and brighter and warmer, the urge to seriously clean house tends to grow stronger and more insistent. But where to start? And how can you speed the process along so that you can drop the feather duster and head into the great outdoors to enjoy the sunshine?

Get the answer to these questions and more from the articles listed below. You’ll discover methods for cleaning and organizing from the experts. You’ll come across some inspiration for ignoring the procrastinator within. And you’ll find suggestions for how to keep your home spick and span all year round simply by investing a few minutes into tidying each day. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a massive project you dread every year. In fact, it can be easy, painless, and maybe even fun? Okay, maybe you wouldn’t go that far, but just picture yourself in a tidy and clean house, then get going!

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