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The Five Archetypes Quiz: What’s Your Archetype?

Photo of The Five Archetypes book

In her new book THE FIVE ARCHETYPES, Ayurvedic nutritionist and reiki master Carey Davidson reveals how the five elements (fire, water, wood, earth, and metal) can also be seen as personality types. And with a better understanding of your unique blend of traits, you can improve your relationships and life. Want to know your primary archetype? Take her quiz below!

Once you discover the five elements, you’ll begin to see how they determine your thoughts, motivations, strengths and challenges for yourself.  They reveal the reasons behind why you feel uncomfortable around some people in a room and completely at ease around others. When you understand your elemental makeup and that of the people in your life, every relationship becomes clear.  This realization can lead to increased happiness, reduced anxiety, being secure in who you are, feeling confident, loving and compassionate.

Interested in learning more about your type and taking a more in-depth version of this quiz? Check out THE FIVE ARCHETYPES book and visit author Carey Davidson’s website

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