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7 Family-Friendly Activities to Enjoy at Home While Social Distancing

Already sick of staying home when you’d normally be out and about at work, meeting up with friends, or going out to dinner with your family? We can relate. But if social distancing is what it takes to keep ourselves and our communities safe and healthy, then that’s what we’ll do. Luckily, Jessica Misener’s book JOMO: CELEBRATE THE JOY OF MISSING OUT, is jam-packed with 350+ ways to keep busy at home. Here are a few activities that you and your family can enjoy right now!

#1: Play Your Favorite Childhood Card Game

Were you a junior Uno champion? A connoisseur of Crazy Eights? An expert angler in Go Fish? Relive your glory days with a simple deck of cards, a few close friends, and some competitive spirit. See if you still have your mojo after all these years.

#2: Go Camping in Your Backyard

Who says you need to hike way out into the wilderness to really enjoy the great outdoors? Grab a tent, some sleeping bags and blankets, and your favorite snacks, and spend a night in nature (kind of). Bonus: When you camp in your own yard, a real bathroom is only a few yards away!

#3: Relax with a Free Yoga Video

Yoga is one of the easiest workouts to do at home: You don’t need any special equipment (besides an easy-to-find yoga mat if you don’t have a carpeted space), and it’s a piece of cake to follow along with a free online video. Whether you want to work up a sweat with vinyasa flow, or have a more restful restorative experience, digital gurus like Adriene Mishler and Jessamyn Stanley are just a few clicks away.

#4: Watch a Puppy or Kitten Livecam

If you don’t have a pet of your own, you can still get your cuddly fix thanks to the magic of the Internet. There are tons of sites where you can watch baby animals doing all kinds of adorable things live. On the Animal Planet site, you can peek in on puppy and kitten rescues, and on, you can get a glimpse of guide dogs in training. Watching cuddly creatures online will ease stress and brighten your whole day.

#5: Build a Blanket Fort

A touch of childlike wonder can turn your own living room into
a fun and functional hideaway. Make like a kid and retreat from the world under a big, soft pile of pillows and throw blankets.
To set up your cozy oasis, drape some sheets or sleeping bags over the backs of chairs set up in a circle or rectangle. Once you have an outsiders-proof nook, stock it with pillows and blankets, snacks, books or other activities, and even Christmas lights. If you don’t trust your family members or roommates not to intrude, underscore your need for solitude with a well-placed KEEP OUT sign. Phew, they’re gone! Now you can read, nap, or watch a good video in your cozy hideaway.

#6: Start a Garden

Even if you don’t have a large outdoor space to plant to your heart’s content, you can start a tiny plot of flowers or vegetables in your backyard or in some containers on the porch. Watching plants sprout from seeds and nurturing them as they grow will enhance your connection to the natural world.

#7: Design a De-Stressing Playlist

When you need to tune out the world, tune in to a custom play- list of all the music that makes you relax—or grin from ear to ear. Crank it when you’re feeling tired or blue, and let some good old-fashioned music therapy wash your stress away.

For 350+ ways to make staying home more fun than going out, pick up a copy of JOMO by Jessica Misener.

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Excerpted from JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out by Jessica MisenerCopyright © 2019 by Simon & Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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