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Drop the Baggage: Don’t Stress the Little Things

Life is full of roadblocks and challenges. That’s why it’s important for you to pick and choose your battles in terms of what you should be stressing about. Tosha Silver, author of CHANGE ME PRAYERS, shares a prayer on why you shouldn’t stress the little things in life.

My former girlfriend and I were on vacation in the Yucatán. On arriving, we decided to take a few hours to bike into town until our room was ready. When we returned, we saw that the rental car’s trunk had been pried open right in the hotel’s parking lot.

The suitcases were gone.

Now most people might think, “What awful luck, and on your birthday, too! You’re on your first vacation in a year and your luggage is stolen. What a drag.” But here’s where inviting in the Divine and becoming crazy-open to Reality As It Is becomes interesting. Yes, it was a shock, but was it truly bad luck? Or was it oddly good? I know this sounds nuts, but despite the shock of it all, the experience held a gift.

We both quickly decided it wouldn’t ruin our trip, since we still had passports, money, and the clothes on our backs. We each felt blessed to be with someone who wasn’t freaking out and not only that, we remembered why were together.

Before that, there were weeks of sparring as tensions rose to the surface between us. But the theft forced us to become a team again. Soon we were lying in a hammock on the deck, drinking margaritas, cuddling and cracking up. I joked that whoever had the karma of stealing those damn bags was fighting now with his partner.

Besides, my own suitcase had been packed with books about detachment, of all things: a well-worn copy of the Tao Te Ching, another called The Stoic’s Way to Joy, a couple on faith and surrender.

It was as if God had declared, “Enough already, just live this. Take the leap and let go. Come on, I’ll catch you.” With nothing to read, I could only be.

When the bags vanished, a mysterious weight went too, and never returned.

Prayer: Change me Divine Beloved into One who can be wildly open to Life as it comes. Let me release what wants to leave, and welcome what wants to come, trusting that my needs are always met. Help me live from full openness and trust.

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Excerpted from Change Me Prayers by Tosha SilverCopyright © 2018 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.


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