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Cut the String: Letting Go of Stress

Stress can be a heavy burden. It can immobilize us at times when we need to be at our best and most focused. In effort to alleviate this stress during such critical times, calmly identify the cause of your anxiety and follow these simple instructions. From Stress Less.

Think of a situation that’s been weighing you down.

Got it?

Now imagine everything about this circumstance—your boss, your computer, the report you’ve been working on for weeks—all encased within a big balloon that you’re holding the string to in your hand.

And then see yourself letting go of the string and watching the balloon float up and out of sight. (If that doesn’t seem to work, take an imaginary pair of scissors and sever that cord once and for all.)

When you find yourself thinking about it again, remind yourself that you’ve let it go.

Watch the video below for more tips on reducing stress.


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