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On The Rocks: Cocktail Recipe and Advice

Suriving the in-laws, Jeff Somers, Christmas in Texas with in-laws, Leveraging Your In-Law SquadA refreshing cocktail recipe with a side of personal empowerment, we’ll take it! Helen Rothberg, author of THE PERFECT MIX, shares her professional advice and The Grand Street recipe.

The Grand Street

3 ounces vodka
Splash of water
2 tablespoons Italian lemon ice
4 ripe blueberries

Blend the ingredients. Add a twist of risk and a dash of action. Pour over ice.

Taking action in the face of fear or uncertainty can create anxiety. It can require some shape-shifting: taking on new characteristics to step into something less familiar. Becoming an uptown bartender, or an intelligence analyst when you are a cereal scientist, is shape-shifting. For me, taking action has its roots in Grand Street. Here are the ingredients for doing more and saying less:

  • Vodka: a chameleon base, it can become whatever you want it to.
  • Splash of water: it will create smoothness without changing character.
  • Blueberries: powerful antioxidants, they build your immune system and are anti-inflammatory, so they keep things healthy and calm.
  • Italian lemon ice: it helps to keep things cool, is refreshing, and can help relieve a hangover if things don’t go well. It’s also a nod to my old, bold neighborhood.
  • Twist of risk: because if you don’t leap you don’t know what else is possible.
  • Dash of action: will demonstrate what is possible.

Here’s to throwing elbows!

Once you take action, here’s how to get that raise


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