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Challenge: Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You

John O'Leary, Wayne Dyer, music inside of you, spirituality of music, inner spirit, creative spiritDr. Wayne W. Dyer encouraged us, “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

Before I was burned, I had loved to play the piano. I wasn’t any good but I loved it. That love was robbed from me when my fingers were amputated after the fire when I was nine years old.

But my parents challenged me to play; to not die with music still in me. At first it was painful and I could only play one key at a time. But I played. I practiced. And I believed.

Today I play a song on the piano for you because I have a song to share! Listen and then accept my challenge: Don’t die with your music still in you.

My friends, you have music to share. This is your day. Live inspired!


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