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Celebrate the Small Successes

We all face challenges in business and our personal lives. When we overcoming these challenges, every step in the right direction should be celebrated. No success is too small to celebrate. Joy Mangano, author of INVENTING JOY, shares why these small successes are so important. 

There’s a myth in the business world that says we shouldn’t stop to celebrate until we cross the finish line. But that just never felt right to me. I believe no success is too small to celebrate. The journey is too hard and too long for us to deny ourselves little victory celebrations along the way.

When I was a single mother, just managing to make my children dinner and give them their baths and read them books and put them to sleep with smiling faces was a major victory. Organizing a birthday party for thirty kids and thirty sets of parents and having them all go home happy? Everything about that achievement was good and right and wonderful. So why not celebrate it!

Whatever the victory, why not give ourselves a high five! Mark the moment and say, I did it. I orchestrated it. I made it happen. It may be a tiny moment, but it matters, and it matters a lot.

It’s human nature to say, We’re not out of the woods yet, let’s not get too excited. But doing anything meaningful will always have hard times built into the process. That’s why we need to keep on the lookout for the good times—those sweet, wonderful moments when things go right—because they give us the fuel we need to keep going.

Carve your own path.


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