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Carve Your Own Path

loveAn important part of life is taking risks, even when the path seems unclear. The journey through a new idea, whether it’s business related or more personal, is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and the people around you. Build your network, work hard and most importantly, believe in yourself. Joy Mangano, author of INVENTING JOY, shares her reasons as to why carving your own path is vital to living a happy a full life.

Just because something has never been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If your idea is something new and different, you probably won’t find a well-worn path that leads to its creation. But that’s okay. That’s how a creative life works.

You’ve got to carve your own path.

Sometimes, we can get boxed in by what’s expected of us. My mother Toots, for instance, grew up in a tradition that called for her to get mar- ried, have children, and tend to her family. And Tony’s father Joe was expected to follow in the family tradition and become a banker. His life was totally laid out for him.

But after my parents separated, my mother carved a brand-new path for herself, as a working woman. And my father-in-law Joe never became a banker—he carved his own path in the field of the arts and lived his own definition of success.

Trying something new and daring in our lives can lead us to feel unstable and a little out at sea—but that’s okay. We need to embrace that feeling because it is proof that we’re growing and fighting and dreaming and daring to follow a path of our own.

As an inventor, I’ve never believed that just because something doesn’t exist, it can’t. And I’m not just talking about inventing products. I’m talking about inventing our lives. There is no set path for any of us. We can break with tradition, try new challenges, and see where that takes us. Because the key to a joyful life is not following the path that’s been traveled a million times before. The key is carving our own path.

Don’t forget. You never stop discovering yourself.


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