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Can Being Negative Make You Sick? The Long Island Medium Knows

I believe we’re all born with diseases and disabilities, and that negative triggers can set them off or take your body past its tipping point. From You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life-Changing Lessons from Heaven.

Spirit tells me that your emotions, and how you react to memories and situations in life, are some of the most powerful catalysts for illness and its proliferation. The good news is, Spirit also says we’re capable of helping to turn this dangerous response off when we reply to a negative situation with positive intentions and efforts. Sometimes Spirit will ask me to do what I call a “body scan” during a reading, which is when I look at a person’s body and part of it looks pink. This is my symbol for irritation in an area that’s usually made worse by a stress or burden that needs to be released. Spirit then helps me guide the person toward naming the issue’s cause and how to move forward medically, spiritually, and emotionally.

A lot of my clients have pink body parts, but I don’t think negative feelings or memories are the only cause of disease, though they always influence it. Genes, germs, environment, diet, and lifestyle choices are factors too. Frankly, I don’t feel there’s ever one reason or solution for anything, whether you’re talking about Spirit, sickness, or why my dad’s freshly ground coffee tastes better than mine.

From what I can tell, negativity’s effects on the body hardly seem that mystical, though the Law of Attraction is usually interpreted with a supernatural flair. I think that in many cases, the link between negative and positive energy, and how we heal, is pretty logical. Once I read a woman whose boyfriend died, and his soul was disturbed by the extent to which her grief controlled her well-being. In fact, when I delivered the message, she felt so bleak and bitter that she was full of justifications about why she couldn’t heal, including that she was sick, depressed, and her relationships were failing. The lady had more excuses than Carter’s got pills! Yet I sensed that she magnified her issues in her mind and chose to remain in a negative place that harmed her. Sure she had a real health condition and felt drained, but staying in bed, not eating well, and not getting fresh air or exercise made her symptoms and relationships worse. You can see how her negative perspective could bleed into her physical, emotional, and spiritual health in various ways. It wasn’t a depressing vibe or universal magnet attracting bad juju that caused her life to fall apart. Listen, even if she’d simply responded to Spirit’s messages with an open mind and heart, rather than angrily reacting to them, she would have taken a few helpful steps toward feeling better. You know what I’m saying? I truly understand how devastating death and illness can be—Spirit even goes to the extent of making me feel what you do, so I get it in a visceral way—but you have to try to make the good moments outweigh the bad as best you can.



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