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6 Brilliant Books to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring officially begins on March 20th, which means it’s prime time to start cleaning out your closet, tucking away your winter clothes, and organizing your home. We’ve all been stuck indoors due to the chilly weather, so it’s time to get excited for the warm temperatures and sunshine on the horizon.

To start, you’ll need to sort and store those sweaters, jacket, fleeces, and scarves, then break out your sundresses, shorts, swimsuits, and sandals. It’s also the perfect opportunity to go through the clothes you don’t wear anymore and toss out random garbage you’ve accumulated since your last spring cleaning session.

We know that cleaning isn’t exactly the most exciting activity for many of you, but you can make the time go by quickly by putting on some fun music or maybe rewarding yourself with a nice dinner after you’ve sorted through everything. Set aside a weekend to finally get down to business and prepare for the warm months to come. To kickstart your spring cleaning, we’ve complied a list of 6 books that will inspire you to organize, clean, and revamp your home.


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