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Breathing as a Team-building Technique

team-buildingConscious breathing can help you take control of your life. When we synchronize our breath with another person, understanding and empathy is enhanced. What if you used this principle for team-building? Could breathing help your group forge new bonds and become closer? Read more about how breathwork can help you succeed in business in Just Breathe: Mastering Breathwork for Success in Life, Love, Business, and Beyond.

Throughout history, when small, close-knit groups of people prepared to set out to change the world together, or their small piece of it, they would form a circle, hold hands, or lock arms. They might pray, chant, dance, or breathe together in ritual fashion. The simple act of repeating a vow, reciting a prayer, or just shouting together would result in their synchronizing their breath in that moment.

Could it be that the closeness that groups feel has something to do with sharing the same breath? Could it be part of the reason people feel good after group meditation, praying, singing or chanting a hymn or mantra out loud together? Or feeling more energy and confidence from moving together, from dancing or running as one united force?

Teams of all kinds—from sports, artistic performance, business and finance, military and security, schools, and ordinary families—can use the power of breath to unite and be more in tune with each other under a common cause or shared purpose. People who work together, begin a mission together, or who simply want to celebrate their connection, can use the breath in this way: using a simple two-two pattern, inhaling for a count of two and exhaling for a count of two.

Breathing together may have benefits that truly bring success in life, business, and beyond for you and those with whom you live, work, and play.

If breathing alone is more your style, make sure you’re breathing right and using breath techniques to reduce stress.


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