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Believe In Your Guardian Angel

angelWe are told our loved ones carefully watch over us when they pass but sometimes that idea, especially during tough times is hard to imagine. The Supernatural Guide to the Other Side by Adams Media offers tips on how to connect with your guide.


Do you believe you have a guardian angel or angels who watch over you? Have you ever seen your angels? If so, what do they look like? Can you hear your angels speaking to you? If so, what are they saying? How often and under what circumstances do your angels visit you—daily, weekly, or only occasionally?

Can you feel your angels around you? If so, when do you feel them? Have your angels produced certain smells or tastes for you to experience? Have you ever heard their wings or other sounds that let you know they are with you?

You do not need to see an angel to recognize that one is there with you. Validation can happen in many ways. Keeping a record of your miracles also reminds you that your team of angels is at work, whether you see them or not. If you feel that you have angels watching over you, then give them credit for the good job they are doing.

Once you accept that there is a good possibility of a guide or guides connected to you, you can begin to develop coincidence that there really is someone there to help you handle both minor and major problems. You can actually have a conversation with your guides, even though it may seem to be a one-way conversation. Just believing that someone hears you can give you confidence that you are not alone.

The other side may not appear to you while you are in a waking state. Many times your guides will visit you in your dream state. This is especially true if you have an active conscious mind that is constantly cluttered with your thoughts. Your psychic communication often comes into your awareness when your active mind stops to rest. The only time you relax may be when you sleep.

For those looking for more guidance than what your angel can provide, take a look at When to Seek Support After a Loss.


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