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8 Bold Affirmations to Inspire Your Best Self

Every day is a new day; an opportunity to be in the moment and to be the best versions of ourselves. We are all powerful beings with a purpose, and we all have the power to change and grow. Glenn Lutz, author of GO F*CK, I MEAN, FIND YOURSELF, provides some bold affirmations to inspire your best self.

    • Don’t allow your negative thoughts to control you.
    • Sometimes, your greatest loss is your greatest gain.
    • Love, love, love. Then love some more.
    • Invest in good peeps.
    • The crap you buy won’t fill the void.
    • Do the right thing. You’ll feel better.
    • Is there another way of looking at your past? Did you miss the moral of the story?
    • F**k multitasking. If it matters, give it your undivided attention.

For more bold tips, check out GO F*CK, I MEAN FIND YOURSELF by Glenn Lutz.


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Excerpted from Go F*ck, I Mean Find Yourself by Glenn Lutz. Copyright © 2018 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash


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