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7 Ways to Let Your Inner Dialogue Be Your Guide

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Do you ever want to just create a mute button to turn off that annoying monologue in your mind? Yeah, me too. Well, lucky for all of us, THE HEALING POWER OF REIKI, gives us some ways that you can let your inner dialogue be your guide in life.

 Every person is unique in how he or she intuits information. Learning to tune in to your inner dialogue takes some practice. Allow your expectations to melt away. Figuratively speaking, lean your ear against your heart and listen intently. Here are a few suggestions for flexing your intuition muscles:

• Expand your intuitive ear by quieting your physical ears. Turn off your radio, stereo, and TV. Spend a half hour each day in quiet meditation or solitude.

• Go for nature walks by yourself. Allow your psyche to merge with sounds of the forest, seashore, mountain trail, and other natural wonders.

• Pay attention to energy shifts in your physical body. Pain is a signifier that something is wrong. • Keep a dream journal. Dreams are one of the easiest avenues through which intuitive messages are filtered.

• Take a moment every day to clear away unproductive thoughts and to release cerebral distractions and obsessive mental chatter. Visualize a chalkboard being erased of these thoughts. • Keep a synchronicity diary to write down all the “coincidences” you experience throughout the day.

• Follow your hunches. Prepare to be amazed at where they lead you.

• Pay attention to what emotions or memories are invoked when you are around specific scents.

• Start noticing markers or signs that bring about particular sensations in your gut.

However, don’t get overly preoccupied with figuring out the reasons for every little thing that happens in your daily life. And don’t worry if you begin to perceive messages that you don’t fully understand right away. Explanations tend to come along with intuitive messages on a need-to-know basis. Using your sixth sense is just like flexing a muscle: it will get stronger the more you exercise it.

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Excerpted from The Healing Power of Reiki by Adams Media. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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