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7 Great Affordable, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

zombie-1By Tess Bonn
The Halloween countdown is on, and if you’re like most people, that means you have no idea what you’re wearing Oct. 31 (unless you’re one of those annoying types who refuses to stoop to silly costumes). Take some inspiration from our list of the hottest costumes trending this year. Whether you want to be the villainous drug dealer from AMC’s dearly departed hit show Breaking Bad or a Great Gatsby-inspired flapper, these costumes are as easy on your wallet as they are to pull together just in time for a night of ghouling out.

1) Walter White from Breaking Bad
Looking to channel your inner bad boy—or girl? The only question is, which version of him are you going to be—Walter White, the mild-mannered high school teacher down on his luck, or the murderous drug kingpin who likes to go by “Heisenberg”?

2) Grumpy Cat
If you’re a crazy cat person, look no further than Grumpy Cat’s dour little face. Depending on how big a fan you are of the infamous feline, you can copy her meme with this make-up tutorial, and make your costume complete with a Grumpy Cat spirit hoodie. The essentials:

  • White, brown, and pink pressed eye shadow
  • Cream-colored sweat-shirt
  • Stencil
  • Spray glue

3) Orange Is the New Black
Make all the hours you spend watching episode after episode count by dressing up as your favorite jailbird. You’ll need:

  • Orange top and bottom (thrift stores are your key here)
  • White crew-necked T-shirt
  • Canvas slip-ons or sneakers (Tom’s will work fine)
  • Iron-on letters for your character’s name


4) Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
Secretly wish you were part of the Robertson clan? Then dress up as Duck Dynasty’s favorite uncle Si. All you need is some camouflage, a bandanna, a thick beard, and his signature cup of sweet tea. To fully complete your luck, learn Si’s words of wisdom (and catchphrases) from his new book  Si-cology-1.

5)  Zombie from The Walking Dead
This makeup tutorial will make you look like you just stepped off the set of AMC’s undead thrillfest. You might already have some of these products, but you may need a drugstore run store for:

  • Foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skintone
  • White, hunter-green, purple, red, black, and brown eyeshadow
  • Loose face powder
  • A red lip pencil (to be used as eyeliner)
  • A plastic wound
  • Liquid latex

6) Gatsby-rific Flapper
With Hollywood’s latest remake of The Great Gatsby, the Jazz Age has been the theme of almost every party this year, and it’s still trending this Halloween. Get the most convincing ’20s look, from the low heels and flapper dress right down to the finger waves and kohl-rimmed eyes from this flapper tutorial by Beauty By Nikki.


7) Candy Crush
Obsessed with the Candy Crush Saga? Join the club with this inexpensive, DIY Candy Crush costume.

Photo credits: Walking Dead zombie courtesy AMC; Orange Is the New Black courtesy



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