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6 Steps to Pulling Yourself Out of a Low Moment

Life can be overwhelming at times. Pulling yourself out of a low moment can be difficult when you have multiple roadblocks that you must overcome throughout the day, week, month or even year. Glenn Lutz, author of GO F*CK, I MEAN, FIND YOURSELF, shares his own hard-won tips on how to not only make it through rough times but come away from them stronger.

Life is tough. Shit happens. When it does, we can find ourselves floored, slipping into a low that can be hard to pull ourselves out of. Sometimes, the shit that happens is for our own good; a lesson to be learned from, or a blessing in disguise. Even so, it rarely feels like it at the time. How do you pull yourself out of that low moment? I’ve found myself in those situations, and all of us encounter those roadblocks at different phases of our lives. Here’s six steps I’ve found that have helped me overcome the lows when I’m faced with the bullshit life can throw my way.

Stop & Breathe

Life is moving fast and we’re constantly being bombarded with information, be it good or bad. It’s easy to get lost in the mix. Stop, take time to breathe consciously and acknowledge where you are. Have compassion on yourself for being in that space, and pat attention to your breath. Accept that you’re currently in the situation that you’re in, and allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling.

Find Gratitude

Find gratitude for where you are, and ask why you’re there. If you’re sick, be grateful you’re alive. If you’re in financial trouble, be grateful that you have food. Even if you’re in a bad situation, what do you have to be grateful for? List out those things. Ask yourself, if this low lasted forever, what quality would I need to be able to weather this storm? Is it strength, courage, humility, forgiveness? Then take time to focus on that quality, and invite more of it into your life.

Meditation & Prayer

Often when we’re stuck in a low, we can find that we’re not living in the present. Maybe we’re trapped in the past; replaying a traumatic event over and over in your head. Maybe you’re dwelling in the future, worried about what tomorrow will bring. In those moments, take time to meditate, quiet the mind, and be present with yourself. Is there so much going on, that you aren’t even sure why you’re down in the first place? Quiet the noise, and let go of that burden. If you subscribe to a religious faith, set aside time to pray, or just say out loud the things that you’re grateful for.


After you’ve been able to find some stillness, where do you see yourself going? If this low point were over, how would you feel? What kinds of things would you be doing? What kinds of things would you be saying? Who do you see yourself being when you’re at your best? Then, set the intention that that is the person you’ll strive to become. Make of list of how you’ll get to where you want to go, and then begin to implement the changes you want to see in your life.

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