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5 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Planet

hikingEarth Day is right around the corner! Are you overwhelmed by the term “ecofriendly“? Yes, there are many guidelines to follow, but the practice of being ecofriendly is easier than you might think. Small changes in your day-to-day life can help the planet significantly. Michelle Neff, author of SIMPLE ACTS TO SAVE OUR PLANET, shares 5 easy ways to take a more active stance in protecting the planet.

    1. Join a local tool library. Many cities have what is known as a tool library, where you pay a yearly fee and are able to “borrow” tools, just as you would a book from the library. This is a great way to support your local community’s economy while reducing the number of tools you need to buy. Or simply start your own tool share by introducing yourself to your neighbor and offering to trade power equipment for your lawn care needs. You’ll be supporting a sustainable community right in your neighborhood, and you won’t have to buy a dozen power tools with heavy packaging when it’s possible to simply rent or borrow one when needed.
    2. Teach kids how to be ecofriendly. It’s our job to teach the next generation how to be kinder to the planet. Simple lessons on the dangers of plastic pollution, the importance of marine life, and the value of planting trees will help lay the foundation for future environmental leaders.
    3. Use bamboo for flooring and construction. In some cases, bamboo can grow 3 to 4 feet per day without the need for fertilizers, pesticides, or much water. Bamboo is so fast growing that it can yield twenty times more timber than trees in the same exact area.
    4. Use your local public library. Take advantage of all the books, magazines, and electronic resources your library has to offer! For hundreds of years, the library has been the cornerstone of a sustainable community, offering a place for people to expand their knowledge of the world around them. Many neighborhoods also have “little free libraries” in yards and on street corners where you can borrow books and recycle your old books. If your area doesn’t have a free library, make one!
    5. Clean a storm drain. Be aware of a storm drain near your house and keep trash out of the surrounding area. Think of all the trash you could save from ending up in our waterways and oceans!

Here are 3 ways to minimize your toxic exposure.

Excerpted from Simple Acts to Save out Planet by Michelle Neff. Copyright © 2018 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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