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5 Acts of Kindness Bigger Than Saying “I Love You” [Video]

Yoga goes beyond the daily series of poses. Yoga helps you discover and create deeper connections. In an exclusive video, Yogi Cameron, author of THE YOGI CODEreveals 5 ways to show someone how much you love them when saying the words simply isn’t enough.

How to Be of Real Service

Being of true service is to act out of our heart’s spirit in a selfless way and put the other person first no matter who they are and what they have done. It is not to pick and choose based on good or bad or our preference. When we act out of selfless service, there are no prejudices in our mind as to why one deserves our attention and another doesn’t. In fact, when we give to a person or cause that we don’t agree with but know it is of great value to everyone, it can be a much bigger act of giving than one we are committed to, which is easier. This is why it is not easy to be of pure service, because our minds are full of likes and dislikes based on personal and collective preconceptions and prejudices.

If we want to serve others on the purest level we first need to serve our spirit/soul. Our spirit is our inner guru and guide. It is our intuition and goes much deeper and beyond our limited mind. To start to become a selfless being we have to first tame the senses and mind that are the causes of our self-centeredness. Our body needs to be as pure as possible and our mind as focused as necessary. This needs to happen through keeping our diet balanced, our conversations purposeful, our ears away from harmful sounds, our mind away from unnecessary thoughts, and our eyes away from temptations as we keep our touch only for things that serve our path.

If we follow the yogic practices and first learn to serve our inner teacher, then we will be directed from within by our intuition, not just to be of service but for all things in our life. It will remove the fear and limited thoughts of the mind, which are placing doubt on the situation. You will see as you cultivate this ritual along this journey that many revelations start to unfold.

When we start to make our inner guru and others our focus and not just ourselves, our interests, our work, our cause, and so on will suddenly start to shift and we will notice everything in a whole new light. We start to notice others on a deeper level without placing any limitations of color, sexuality, or religion on them. We pay more attention to others, not just listening to what they are saying but seeing ourselves in them. This is where we start to break down the walls of separation and enter the vastness and expanse of unity through a limitl4ess mind.

Once you see others as yourself, then by serving them you are also serving yourself and your inner Self. This becomes the genuine and complete circle of service while being served.


Yogi Cameron shares how you can turn negativity into positivity.


Excerpted from The Yogi Code by Yogi Cameron. Copyright © 2017 by Cameron Alborzian. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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