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3 Reasons to Leave Your Desk at Lunch

single women at work make less moneyAre you a culprit of eating lunch at your desk? We get it. The work day can be busy, and sometimes the only moment you have to eat is between answering emails. But when you have the opportunity to take your full lunch break, don’t sit at your desk! Head to a local park, take a quick walk, or bring your lunch to the common area with your co-workers. Your brain will thank you, as you’ll come back refreshed and energized to finish the rest of the day. BRAIN HACKS shares more workday lunch tips.

A recent survey showed that about half of workers eat lunch at their desk and many don’t bother eating lunch at all. Are you one of those who dine by the glow of your computer screen? You should know that eating lunch at your desk is bad for your brain. In particular:

1. Being sedentary hurts your brain. Sitting too long in one place strains your cardiovascular system, may cause you to gain weight, and otherwise increases the likelihood that you’ll end up with a stroke or other health problems.

2. Socializing with your coworkers is good for your brain. Instead of eating lunch alone, go out with your fellow wage-slaves—even the one you don’t like very well. Not only does socializing make your brain happy, it will probably help you do better at work.

3. Taking a break feeds your brain. Give yourself something to look at besides your cubicle walls and something to think about other than that report you’re working on. Coming back to your work refreshed and energized makes you more productive than slogging through it. Changing up your surroundings can help boost creativity and can help prevent stress and burnout.

Bring a hearty and healthy salad for lunch.


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