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18 Shopping Tips for Finding the Perfect Fall Coat

How to shop for a women's coat for fall or winter with tips from author Amy GoodmanIt’s hard to admit this, but soon, you’ll need a warm coat. Start shopping now (before all the good ones are gone!) with this in mind: The ideal coat is a classic, fitted shape in a three-quarter length and neutral color, with flattering pockets and cuffs that land at the wrists. Learn 17 more coat-shopping tips from Wear This, Toss That! Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget & Save You Time, by style expert Amy E. Goodman.

•    A lapel that’s face framing — it should be the opposite of your face shape. If you have a heart-shaped or square face, consider a rounded lapel to soften your facial structure. If your face is round or oval, a defined lapel will complement with its angles

•    A coat that allows for movement. Nothing should be tight, including the back, front, and rear

•    A length that flatters your legs. If you have thick calves, go for a mid-calf length or longer, bisecting your trouble area

•    Sleeves that bisect your wrists

•    Securely sewn buttons

•    Pockets that don’t interrupt clean lines

•    A coat with armholes cut straight down

•    A coat that doesn’t button, gapes between buttons, or is missing irreplaceable buttons

•    A double-breasted coat if you’re busty, petite, or big-shouldered

•    A style that requires effort to get in and out of

•   Too-short or too-long sleeves

•    An uneven hem, that reveals the clothing beneath

•    An inner lining that dips below the coat’s hem

•    A coat that fits you in the shoulders and nowhere else

•    A color that washes you out, like yuck green, faded yellow, or pale pink

•    A vintage coat that perpetually smells musty

•    An oversized coat with seams that exceed shoulders, paneling or pockets that crowd the design



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