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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you don't have a Halloween costume yet try these last-minute ideas including sexy princess Snooki Steve Jobs Charlie Sheen and Honey BadgerBy Deborah Goldstein
Still haven’t decided on a Halloween costume? There’s no need to resort to a saddo Scream mask! Try one of our 10 favorites for Halloween 2011.

1. Siri: Skip the obvious black turtleneck/Steve Jobs homage, and dress up as Apple’s sassy new personality instead. A graphic of the new iPhone and a “How may I assist you?” sign are all you need.

2. Charlie Sheen: It makes sense he’s already trending as this year’s most popular costume—he’s a free excuse to have a totally-bitchin’-rock-star-from-Mars good time while acting out the part. Obvious sidekick costumes: warlocks, goddesses.

3. Zombie Gaddafi: Real-life villain comes back from the dead to continue torturing us on how to spell his name: Gaddafi? Qaddafi? Kadafi?

4. Snooki: OK, OK, we’ll admit we’re recycling last year’s costume here, but the allure of rocking some bronzer in late October is just too tempting. Plus, Halloween coincides nicely with National Guidette Day (Oct. 28). Much respect, Snooks.

VIDEO: Snooki Recruits for National Guidette Day

5. The Hipster Cop from Occupy Wall Street: He packs heat and skinny jeans. What’s not to love?

6. Pippa’s Arse: It took the world by storm after it upstaged Princess Kate at the royal nuptials and earned its own Facebook fan page. Grab a fake derriere and celebrate Pippa-mania!

7. The Rapture: Didn’t the world already come to an end? Oh, it didn’t? Wear whatever you want for this one. Sigh.

VIDEO: Michael Ian Black, Susie Essman, Ivanka Trump on their best Halloween costumes

8. The Honey Badger: The web’s most bad-ass star is certainly worth donning a black-and-white leotard for. Yeah, we know—thanks for the idea, stupid.

9. A Planker: Planking was the bizarre, silly, and pointless game that swept the globe this year. As for the costume? Just lie facedown, in an unusual location. Party with a fake Charlie Sheen, and you’ll have no problem with this one.

10. Slutty Princess: Because everyone knows that Halloween is really just an excuse to dress provocatively. We say, why not be truly inappropriate? Put the fantasize in fantasy, redefine the magic wand… and just keep your distance. Thanks.

Deb Goldstein’s favorite costume ever (seen, not worn) had to be a human Tetris ensemble. Five people dressed as colorful shapes, intermittently locking together in a live recreation of the ’80s classic video game.


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