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Your Fix: Hosting a Spectacular Brunch

Mmmm, brunch. That perfect meal between breakfast and lunch where almost anything goes. Want to forget it’s nearly noon and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee and fluffy waffles? You can. Want to revel in the freedom of a Saturday and linger over a refreshing mimosa and delicious frittata? You can! Add a chance to meet up with friends to the mix and it’s easy to see why brunch has become all the rage the last few years. The only downside is that the cost of dining out every weekend can wreak havoc on your wallet. That’s when you should consider hosting your own brunches!

If you enjoy entertaining your family and friends, but have zero time to plan your next casual get-together, we can relate. Not only do you have to plan a menu with dishes that all your friends can chow down on, but you have to send out an invite and make sure your house is ready for guests and definitely recruit some helping hands for the kitchen. So allow us to recommend a few recipes, tips, and tricks for throwing a brunch to remember–without all the stress that usually goes along with such a tall order. From cookbooks perfect for serving meals on warm spring days to easy recipes for must-have eats to classic centerpiece ideas, the articles below will help you plan a fun, yet relaxing and low-key social occasion at home. No promises that your friends won’t demand that you make it a monthly event, though!

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