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The Thyroid Solution Diet Recipe: Sensational Detox Smoothie

Detox smoothie recipe from the Thryoid Solution Diet bookAs seasons transition, it’s a good time to prepare your body for good health and weight loss. In his book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, renowned endocrinologist Ridha Arem, M.D. shares a smoothie recipe that will rid your body of the harmful toxins that wreak havoc on your metabolism.

Let’s look at the smoothie ingredient list.

Citrus juices contain an abundance of antioxidants; special phytonutrients found in them called “limonoids” can clear your liver and slowly break down carcinogens. On top of its reputation as a wellknown source of antioxidant vitamins, grapefruit contains lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes. Together grapefruit and lime can improve insulin and cholesterol levels. If you can’t eat grapefruit, the lime will suffice.

Strawberries have anticarcinogenic flavonoids, reduce LDL cholesterol, and help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, and phosphorus, and their ability to scavenge free radicals prevents damage to the cell. Use organic strawberries, as the conventionally grown berries are more likely to have a high pesticide load.

Celery protects you from oxidative stress with its rich source of vitamins. Celery’s two best aspects: it’s an organic source of sodium to hydrate you and its alkalizing properties help antioxidants work more efficiently in your body.

Spinach helps blood pressure and blood flow with its ability to decrease cell damage and to increase oxygen delivery to your cells.

Garlic and parsley are powerful detoxifiers. The antibiotic properties of garlic boost the immune system and benefit cardiovascular health. It’s a super spice that can ameliorate oxidative stress. I’ve offset the bad-breath possibility with parsley, which freshens breath and aids digestion. Parsley’s chief role, though, is to protect your mitochondria from oxidative damage. Parsley also contains vitamins C and A, calcium, magnesium, iron, and organic sodium.

Detox begins when you wake up. Sip the smoothie before you eat breakfast and again before dinner to jump-start your detox system. Consider drinking the smoothie even after you’ve achieved your weight goal, as some of my patients do because it helps them maintain their weight. If you choose to start drinking the detox smoothie before you begin the diet or drink it for more than seven days, no worries—it is safe and beneficial. To make it, blend these seven beneficial ingredients together.

Strawberries: 4 small
Celery: 2 stalks, with leaves, coarsely chopped
Spinach: 1 cup fresh
Grapefruit: 1/2 small
Lime: 1/2
Garlic: 1 clove, crushed
Parsley: 1 cup, chopped

Then eat raw fennel. My patients always ask me why. Fennel boosts your immune system, and its weight-loss capabilities date as far back as ancient Greek times. Fennel has strong antioxidant benefits and also aids digestion. Its appetite-suppressing potential will help you lose weight. Originally used to treat ailments including cough, asthma, uterine cramps, and gout, fennel reduces inflammation and purifies your blood, bladder, and liver.

In the morning, follow your smoothie with a chopped raw fennel bulb (half a bulb if it’s large) to set you up for a day of good digestion and disease defense. Do not try to blend the fennel with your smoothie because it will not cooperate with your blender. If you wake up with headaches or migraines, fennel in the morning is especially advantageous because it can relieve them. It’s also helpful for menstrual cramps. The flavor of fennel is probably quite different from what you’d normally eat for breakfast—a bit like licorice—but many of my patients love it. If you live in an area where fennel isn’t available year-round, buy fennel bulbs in bulk, chop them, and freeze in portions for later use. But because fennel is not always available, do not stress about its absence. The smoothie alone will adequately flush out free radicals.


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