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The Best Sugar-Free Cocktail Mixers

ScalesCocktails1_500Most cocktails are liquid trouble. But for those following the New Atkins Diet–or those cutting back on sugar–these sugar-free cocktail mixers are worth toasting. From The New Atkins Made Easy.

Not every company offers every option, but you’ll be able to find mixers for a bloody Mary, daiquiri, mai tai, margarita, cranberry or sour apple martini, mojito, mudslide, piña colada, and sweet and sour:

• Baja Bob’s sugar-free cocktail mixers;
• Scales Cocktails;
• Lt. Blender’s sugar-free cocktail mixers;
• Master of Mixes Lite Mixes;

Photos Courtesy of Scales Cocktails, and fotosbyfaren.


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