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The Best Kale Recipes for Any Meal

KaleChips_400These days, it seems like kale is everywhere you turn—it’s even been likened to “the new bacon.” Rich in nutrients and health benefits (like iron, beta carotene, vitamins K and C, and antioxidants), its earthy flavor can complement almost any dish in almost any season. And while kale chips may be the best crunchy snack to come around since sliced bread, this superfood is perfect any time of the day, with any meal.

Check out these great kale-packed recipes from some of my very favorite blogs, and whip up something new with the hottest veggie out there:

Exotic Kale Soup with Turmeric and Banana from The Saffron Girl
Exotic is right: This unique approach to kale plays up its sweet flavor once cooked down, and the blend of spices and surprising addition of bananas is sure to hit every taste bud you have. The Saffron Girl‘s recipes are inspired by tons of different cultures and flavors she’s discovered moving and traveling all over the world. Always unique and delicious.

Kale and White Bean Soup from the Nourished Kitchen
Sometimes you just want a simple soup where the ingredients’ wholesome flavors can really come through, and the Nourished Kitchen always delivers. That’s exactly what this recipe is all about. Classic flavors like carrots, kale, bay, and rosemary make a perfect staple soup.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Kale and Almond Pecan Parmesan from Oh She Glows
I absolutely love butternut squash in the fall, and adding rich kale with a hint of nutty flavor makes it the perfect cool weather side dish. Oh She Glows is one of my go-to blogs for healthy, wholesome, veggie-filled recipes, and this one is pretty much perfect.

Kale Chips and Nut Mix from Fuss Free Cooking
This awesome snack recipe takes kale chips one step further by mixing them into a filling snack mix perfect for those sneak hunger attacks. The result is a toasty, nutty treat that’s 100% guilt free. Yum.

Cornbread and Kale-Stuffed Bell Peppers from Foodie’s Arsenal
One look at these and I had to try them. By reinventing stuffed peppers using cornbread and kale, Foodie’s Arsenal has given me a new favorite recipe. Not to mention this line, “And then cheese on top, because cheese is the best.” So, so true. This blog is full of great ideas and tips for foodies and and novices alike.

Green Monster Smoothie from Ambitious Kitchen
This smoothie is a perfect breakfast for busy mornings, and like the blogger says, it’s a great alternative to less-healthy options that seem to be everywhere this time of year (like pumpkin lattes). Filled with kale, strawberries, cucumbers, and bananas, it’s detoxifying, filling, and will get your day started right.

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins with Kale from A Couple Cooks
I just love A Couple Cooks—their recipes are always fresh and delicious, and this one is no exception. Who can say no to potato skins? Their heathified version uses sweet potatoes, kale, and chickpeas. Satisfying, nutritious, and feels like a splurge without actually being one. Win!


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