Thanksgiving Timeline: What to Do, When

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Acr824512094887680-3098942_400The key to stress-free entertaining is to plan ahead—especially when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal. This timeline will help you stay on track. You can do much of the prep work beforehand, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the company of your family and friends on the day of the feast. From WILLIAMS-SONOMA: THE BEST OF THANKSGIVING.



The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)

The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)

by Williams Sonoma

  • Get The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)
  • Get The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)
  • Get The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)
  • Get The Best of Thanksgiving (Williams-Sonoma)


• Confirm the number of guests and plan the menu
• Order the turkey
• Plan the table setting, serving dishes, and decorations
• Read through all your recipes to determine the food and cooking tools you will need
• Make the shopping and to-do lists

• Prepare the turkey brine (if using) but do not add the turkey; cover and refrigerate
• Prepare any food that can be made a few days ahead of time, such as pie dough and cranberry sauce

• Complete the food shopping
• If you ordered a fresh turkey, pick it up or have it delivered
• If you are brining the turkey, place it in the brine and refrigerate
• Prepare dishes that can be made in advance, such as soup and pie
• Chop vegetables for side dishes; refrigerate them in covered bowls or zippered plastic bags
• Peel and cut the potatoes; place in cold water and refrigerate
• Set the table

•Refrigerate wines that need chilling, or place on ice in a cooler if you need refrigerator space
• Prepare the stuffing and other side dishes
• Prepare the turkey for roasting and put in the oven at the determined time. If you plan to stuff the bird, do not stuff it until just before you put it in the oven
• While the turkey is resting, make the gravy and cook or reheat the side dishes
• Arrange the dishes on a buffet or the dining table
• Carve the turkey and serve your guests

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