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Meatless Monday Recipes: Fresh Summer Sides

black-bean-salad-mainBy Tess Bonn
Looking for a way to ditch the meat and the heat? Embrace the abundance of summer vegetables, and give these recipes a try. Inspired by some of our favorite cookbooks and food blogs, these new flavors are sure to please your appetite.

Though its origins date back to World War I, today Meatless Monday fights a different war. It has sparked a world-wide movement to improve both personal health, and the health of our planet. Going without meat for just one day a week is the perfect opportunity to shake up your weekly recipes and get inspired. But it’s also really, really hot out (thanks, global warming!) and we think these dishes sound delicious for a summer night.

Black Bean Salad with Tomatillos (pictured) (Ezra Pound Cake)
Shake up your routine this summer and try this summer salad that’s as zesty as it’s versatile. Though it’s perfect for a quick lunch, it can also be used as a dip for chips or as a salad topping.

Garlicky Greens (Chloe’s Kitchen)
Get all your food groups in with this super easy recipe. Wrap it in a tortilla or put it alongside your favorite barbecued tempeh for a healthy balance.

Quinoa and Apricot Pilaf (Eat Spin Run Repeat)
If you’re looking to try something new, pilaf is the perfect alternative to eating a salad. Since apricots have a short season, you can also substitute them with peaches.

Fire Island Cookbook Recipe: Gazpacho (Summer Menus from the Fire Island Cookbook)
Gazpacho soup was created for summer. It’s the refreshingly cool answer to the nights when it’s just too hot to turn on the stove, and it combines the best of summer vegetables. To give it some kick, add lime.

Joy of Cooking Recipe: Coconut Lime Slaw (Joy of Cooking)
This recipe will make you actually want to eat your cabbage. Rich in antioxidants, this is tasty alongside some grilled veggies or inside a veggie wrap.

Summer Squash and White Bean Sauté (The Kitchen Daily)
Explore the bounty of summer vegetables with a recipe that only takes 30 minutes. Though this makes a hearty meal, you can combine its leftovers with whole-grain pasta for lunch the next day.

Photo courtesy of Ezra Pound Cake

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