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Man Over (Cutting) Board: 6 Cookbooks by and for Guys

TamingFeastcover400Traditional gender roles of hunter-gatherer and meal preparer have been turned on their head with the rise of the celebrity chef. Household names like Ramsay, Flay, Fieri, and Bourdain have made it fashionable for men to prove their prowess in the kitchen. There is also added value for a man who can hold his own in the home kitchen, particularly when picking up the check at a fancy eatery may prove a challenge.

No longer seen as the skill of dour servants of the wealthy but of spiky-haired party animals and grizzled world travelers, the male culinary world widens when mixing in the rustic food intellectuals staking their claim to an alternative way of life. Here are our favorite cookbooks highlighting the modern male’s flourish in the kitchen.


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