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How to Freeze Holiday Cookies and Baked Goods

how to freeze holiday cookiesIf you went a little overboard this holiday season, don’t even think of tossing those leftover treats. It’s OK to store them in the freezer for later, says Ron Douglas, author of America’s Most Wanted Recipes Just Desserts.

Q: I have several bar cookie and brownie recipes that I bake regularly. Can I just stick my leftovers in a plastic bag and freeze them? What is the best way to freeze bar cookies?

A: Most bar cookies freeze particularly well. There are two ways to freeze bar cookies: Wrap them individually, or wrap and freeze the whole pan after it has cooled completely.

Bar cookies should last for months in the freezer (not the freezer section of your refrigerator, which is not as cold). We’ve kept bar cookies in our freezer for 6 months with no noticeable loss of quality.

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