Your Fix: De-stress with Desserts

Emily Lyman has a penchant for organization and ruthlessly keeps only those things that bring her joy. Her life goals are to travel always, read everything, and perfect the selfie. Because let's be honest, posing for a selfie is really the most awkward feeling one can have while taking a photo.

de-stressYou might have thought this post was about desserts that have tangible properties to mitigate stress. But our current philosophy is that a dessert, just by nature of being a dessert, will help with that. So we’re not going to go into the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate or why you should drink a glass of wine every night. We’re mostly just interested in the dessert porn.

Doughnuts, tarts, hot chocolate, dessert wines…there should be something that tickles your fancy on this list. Now you’re ready for the next time life kicks you while you’re down.

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