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4 Ingredients Kids Recipe: Grape Wands

grapewand_400This recipe is an ingenious, absurdly easy way to get big kids to eat their fruit.

Who ever thought something so simple could be so magical? Honestly, when my beautiful sister-in-law made these for my nephew’s fifth birthday party, I was speechless. Why had I never thought of this before? They were the hit of the day, consumed even before all of the sugary treats.

Makes 12

• 8 ounces green grapes
• 8 ounces red grapes

Thread the grapes onto 12 wooden skewers. For visual effect, vary the colors, some green, some red, some red and green.

Variation: Instead of skewers, you could try plastic toy wands (sanitized, of course) from your local dollar store. A perfect way to lure all the princess partygoers to the fruit!

Disclaimer: This recipe may pose a greater choking risk to small children.


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